Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bike is back!! bike is done. They got the wheels put on. Apparently it took a "little" more work that expected because the wheels that were labeled for "touring or tandem" bikes had a hub length that was long (for a tandem) and required work to fit them on the touring bike. Whatever....I got my bike back! :)

Anybody who remembers getting glasses for the first time will identify with the odd feeling of not realizing their eyesight had declined enough for glasses. It happens so subtly that its not noticed and it slowly deteriorates. That's how it was with my brakes (which is what I originally went in for). They had deteriorated so slowly, that I didn't realize that they were "thaaaaat" bad. But now that I have new pads, new wheels and a proper adjustment, it was like WOW.....I'm supposed to have THAT MUCH stopping power????? AWESOME!!!

Yes...the new wheels are great....the bike felt like a new ride. I'm anxious to start putting miles on it again! :)

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stevesurf said...

Great news on the wheels; I never realized how much they make a difference for climbs...It's gotta feel good having the bike again, could I-5 get any worse?

...knowing I'll need as much help as I can get just to do hills in Seattle, I'm hoping the Ksyrium ES's arrive soon ;)