Friday, June 27, 2008


So I join the craze to download Firefox 3 on "download day" to help set the record. I finally get around to installing it today (here at work). I figure its mature enough they have kinks worked out, so I don't bother being safe and saving my cookies/bookmarks.

I finish installing over top of my old Firefox 2 and open the bad boy up to see if the forum I was just on loads any faster. Wait? Where's my bookmarks? Where's my folders? They are GONE.

I scour my desktop where I recall saving bookmarks recently - nothing. I also remember doing some major purging recently on the desktop. I do manage to find a copy of exported bookmarks from only a few weeks ago, so its pretty recent. Lucky *I* was able to fix it.

Then I got back to that forum to check it out and I'm not logged in automatically. guessed it. It apparently deleted the cookies too. Now I'll have to relogin to every site that requires a password (which will likely mean hitting a lot of "forgot password" buttons).

Geesh this sucks, I think!

But wait - there's more. I go to a page, then want to go back to the previous page. Wait...where's the back button? I know this isn't planned and normal for Fx3, but I have no forward or backward buttons. WTF? Why would those not be there? This is ridiculous.

Firefox....mature - yeeeeah, right!

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