Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back on the commute...just in time for summer

Well, I haven't been riding the bike much this year. I'm not 100% sure why it has just not been fun, but it hasn't and I've probably only ridden about 5-10 times this year up until a few weeks ago.

If you recall from previous (some of my early blog) posts, I switched the bike to a Brooks B-17. I finally decided that the Brooks just wasn't working for me. I talked my friend Jason, whom I'd given my old saddle for a saddleless bike he had into trading me my old saddle back for the Brooks (I think he got the better end of that deal *wink*).

Well, from the moment I put my old saddle back on, the bike suddenly felt much more comfortable to ride again. I'm still having a little ass hatcheting, but I think that may just be reacquiring my saddle sores again (aka hardening up my ass).

My guess is that the Brooks B-17 was too wide. My old saddle is quite a bit narrower. Even though my ass is fat, apparently my ass bones aren't as wide apart as one might guess. Maybe if I want to do Brooks again, I'll have to consider the B-17N or some other narrower saddle.

At least I'm back to riding the work commute again with about 10 rides in the last few weeks or so. :)

So summer is here, and KT is "back in the saddle again"!

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