Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Driving across the country....again!

Well, it's almost time for the girlfriend to finally get up here with me. It's been a tough year (just over a year actually) without her, but we'll finally be together again when she moves here.

The trick? She's finally decided, like I did when I moved here, that driving is the best all around method for the pets. Like me she doesn't trust the airlines and other weird problems are more likely to occur. So the solution....a 5 day trek from Florida to Washington. The same drive that I made with my dogs in May of 2007.

However, it will be easier, as this time it will be 2 people sharing the drive. I'm flying back to FL, getting in a 12:30am and we'll literally be on the road the next morning. It was a bit rough, but my memory of the drive is more fun than rough, so we'll make a good time of it. The cats will be more difficult, I think, than the dogs were, but we'll manage.

I'm sure another little stop at Mt. Rushmore on the way is in order. I didn't get to stay long or see much because I had the dogs with me. I think the cats are easier to leave in the car a little longer, so we can walk in the park a little bit.

It should be a fun drive.

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